Development Dialogues (2012-2014)

The Development Dialogues aim to support evidence-based policy formulation in Mongolia by providing a platform for discussion, exchange of analyses, and sharing international good practices on key development issues.

The Dialogues will bring together, and initiate consultations among, government, development partners, civil society, the private sector, and academia to develop a common understanding of the key issues and challenges so as to eventually inform development policy in Mongolia.

The Dialogue series, which could become a regular annual feature, is expected to also

  • encourage a critical review of development priorities in light of global developments,
  • expose policymakers to alternative points of view,
  • contribute to strengthening national analytical capacity, and as a result
  • contribute to building a broad national consensus on the pace and direction of Mongolia’s future development


Contact in UNDP Mongolia
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Human Development/MDG Team

Mr. Saurabh Sinha
Senior Economist
Phone: 976-11-327585 +ext 152

Ms.Doljinsuren J,                     Team Leader                            Phone: 976-11-327585 +ext 310, E-mail:

Ms. Tsetsgee P.
Programme Officer
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Summary reports
  • DD1:Mongolia and the Post 2015 Agenda Eng | Mon
  • DD2: Poverty in Mongolia: Looking beyond the numbers Eng | Mon
  • DD3:Utilizing Mining Revenue for Mongollia's Development Eng | Mon
  • DD4:Mongolia's National Strategy on Green Development Eng
  • DD5: Promoting Equality and Inclusive Growth in Mongolia
  • DD6:Harnessing Culture for Development in Mongolia Eng
  • DD7: Development Policy and Planning in Mongolia Eng
  • DD8: Sustainable Urban Development in Mongolia