Mongolia should continue investing in society and the environment while revitalizing the economy

A recent interview of Ms. Beate Trankmann with "Mongolian Economy" on the recently adopted Three-Pillar Policy by Mongolian Government  

Strengthening Youth in Mongolia’s Decision-Making

Across the Mongolian steppe, winds of political change are blowing. After decades of governance by generations who endured communism and its collapse, a new wave is stepping up. 27 year-old…  

Protecting Natural Resources and Generating Incomes: A Balancing Act

After a three-hour drive from the aimag center, we reached the 2nd bagh of Bukhmurun soum in Uvs aimag. Besides the Khotgor mine some 30 km’s away, few residential signs appear seen along the steppe.  

From Development Challenges, To Business Models:Young Social Entrepreneurs Changing Lives in Mongolia

In 2009, Ulzii gained approval to develop the Nogoon Nuur (Green Lake) at Denjin Myanga. He then cleaned up the lake and used his savings to turn the former dumpsite into an affordable community…  

Voicing citizens' concerns to improve their lives

Chingeltei, one of the nine districts that comprise Ulaanbaatar, is home to almost 150,000 citizens. The inhabitants have mixed backgrounds and economic situations, but poverty is widespread  

Mongolia: A balancing act

Despite the low population pressure, more than 70 percent of the land surface of Mongolia is affected by land degradation. This has been caused by a combination of natural factors (extreme weather,…  

Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Expanding Female Leadership in Mongolian Politics and Businesses

For centuries, Mongolian women have played a central role in their society, holding positions of power ever since the Mongol Empire – hundreds of years before their counterparts in Europe, or…  

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