Mongolia Human Development Report 2000

07 Feb 2000


Mongolia’s transition from a socialist to a democratic state has brought huge benefits – offering fresh vistas of political and economic opportunity. But not everyone has gained in the first decade of the transition. It is clear that the next stage of transition should involve the moulding of a new kind of state – one that will help Mongolians thrive and prosper in a dynamic market economy.

Following seven decades of socialism, in which the state controlled virtually every aspect of Mongolians’ lives, it was inevitable that in the democratic era there would be a strong counterreaction – an impulse to roll back the state and leave people to manage their own affairs in a free market.

The report suggests seven responsibilities of the state: protecting national security; ensuring human rights; establishing the rule of law; managing economic growth; protecting the environment; offering adequate social protection; and fostering the development of democracy.

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