The Millennium Development Goals Implementatoin: Third National Report 2009

19 Jul 2009


The Third National Report on the Implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in 2007-2008 is a policy and recommendation document which analyses and summarises the current social and economic situation of the country and makes recommendations on measures to further intensify the implementation in accordance with State Great Hural (SGH) Resolution No. 25 of 2005 and SGH Resolution No.13 of 2008.


The Third National Report aims to monitor and evaluate the implementation of each target in line with policy recommendations and conclusions that were reflected in the previous Second National Report. The Report has been developed at the government level and was shared with representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGO), civil society and academia to consult and reflect their views and positions.


This Third National Report is unique in a way that it has assessed the MDG implementation within the frame of 67 indicators, approved by SGH Resolution 13, 2008, and estimated 12 selected indicators at aimag and soum level in accordance with poverty mapping methodology based on the 2000 Population and Housing Census and 2002-2003 Household Income and Expenditure Survey with Living Standard Measurement Survey Feature (HIES+LSM).


Mongolia has entered into the determining phase set for full attainment of MDGs. Hence, the report presents the implementation progress of nine national (9) goals along with assessment, achievements, concerns and recommendations.


The Third National Report consists of 5 chapters. The first chapter focuses on implementation status and trend of each of the Millennium Development goals and targets substantiated by 2007-2008 statistical data and regional level estimates. It further presents the government policies, programmes and projects aimed at attaining targets by 2015 and introduces a package of challenges and priorities. The second chapter deals with the link between MDG needs assessment and financing and the third chapter handles MDG implementation and advocacy at local level. The fourth and fifth chapters present poverty mapping of Mongolia and MDG monitoring and evaluation, respectively.


The report is largely based on 2004 and 2007 National Reports on MDGs implementation and was prepared under the leadership of the National Development and Innovation Committee (NDIC) with the financial support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The NDIC in collaboration with the National Statistical Committee (NSO) has updated all data and information in the report using Dev Info-5.

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