Activated 2030: Youth Enterprising Project Phase 1

18 Apr 2018


Mongolia has a young population with nearly one in three classified as youth, that is between 15 and 34 years1. A significant challenge facing many of these young people is income generation. With the current economic crises resulting in the fourth largest bailout package in (IMF) history (based on GDP)2, youth unemployment is nearly 21% (15-24 years, 2016)3, poverty has increased by 37% within two years (2016)4, and the school-to-work transition for urban Mongolians is up to 2.9 years5. Within and outside Mongolia, entrepreneurship is being pursued by many as a means of addressing such challenges and advancing the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whilst there is a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mongolia, many of the projects and activities use international models often with minimal contextualization and results are often slow to have significant impact.  

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