Electoral system options for Mongolia - UNDP Consultancy report

19 Jul 2013


Project on Representative and Inclusiveness Through Electoral System

Professor Benjamin Reilly, Visiting Fellow

This report examines a series of electoral system reform options for Mongolia. The State Great Hural (SGH) of Mongolia is in the process of reviewing the country’s electoral legal framework with the aim of reforming the electoral system towards greater proportionality between voter preferences and their representation in the parliament. A Working Group established with a task to draft amendments in the electoral law has submitted a first draft to the Parliament. In addition, a number of private members bills and other proposals for electoral reform are currently being discussed in Mongolia.

Based on a project agreement signed between the SGH Standing Committee on State Structure and the UNDP, this report examines the strengths and weaknesses of these various proposals. It keeping with the Terms of Reference for the project, the report sets forward some basic principles for designing electoral formulas; comments on proposed new electoral systems and other proposed amendments; and develops recommendations on the optimum system choices for Mongolia given legal and other constraints.

As part of this project, a field mission to Mongolia from 5-12 May was undertaken by the consultant, Prof Reilly. This mission focused on interviewing key individuals involved in the electoral reform process: national legislators, parliamentary working groups, legal experts, policy advisors, electoral management bodies, political parties, civil society and the media.


In addition, individual meetings were held with prominent individuals associated with the reform push, including the Chairman of the Standing Committee on State Structure, Mr O. Enkhtushvin; the Deputy Chair of the National Committee on Gender Equality, Ms B. Dolgor; the Chairman of General Election Commission, Mr N. Luvsanjav, and last but by no means least, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr S. Batbold. This greatly enhanced the development of a comprehensive understanding of the key issues concerning electoral reform in Mongolia. A full list of meetings held and individuals interviewed is included at Appendix One.

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