Millennium Development Goals and Geographical targeting in Mongolia

08 Nov 2009


Harold Coulombe
UNDP Consultant


This report presents MDG-inspired geographical targeting indicators
for each of the five regions, 21 aimags, the Capital and 340 soums
found in Mongolia. The monetary poverty indicators are based on the
latest Census-based poverty map while the employment, education and
infrastructure indicators were computed directly from the latest Census
database. Taken together, all those results form an unique database that
should help policy-makers as well as planners identifying the needier
areas. Having such multi-dimensional geographical database focusing
on the many aspects of poverty should help tailoring interventions more
efficiently and at a lower cost.



This project was funded by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP). The work was undertaken by Harold Coulombe (consultant) with full support from Mrs Doljinsuren Jambal and Mrs Tsetsgee Puntsag from UNDP office in Ulaan Baatar. Thanks to Juan Carlos Parra Osorio (World Bank) for using his software in the computation of the Optimal Allocation Rule. Comments from participants at different workshops held in Mongolia were muchappreciated.

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