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Inviting interested DRIVER of “Towards a professional and citizen-centred civil service in Mongolia” project.

For details refer to the Vacancy Announcement.



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Inviting interested Intern of Activated2030: Nudging Young People in Mongolia to Pursue Entrepreneurship project.

For details refer to the Internship Announcement.

Application form 27.Mar.2018

Inviting interested Common Services Desk Operator UNDP Mongolia country office (2 incumbents).

For details refer to the Vacancy Announcement.



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A World of Development Experience

As the UN's global development network, UNDP is at the forefront of today's development dialogue in championing the poor and disadvantaged. Our focus is on providing developing countries with knowledge-based consulting services and building national, regional and global coalitions for change. With a strong history of inclusion and consensus-building, UNDP has earned the trust and partnership of leaders across the developing world.

We are now hiring a new generation of expert practitioners who want to contribute to those partnerships by offering strategic approaches to long-standing problems. We seek individuals who can communicate advice and new ideas across cultures and all strata of society.

We have a wide range of international opportunities at various levels; competitive salaries offered commensurate with experience.

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UNDP actively supports the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. 

UNDP offers employment opportunity to individuals who has strong desire to contribute to sustainable human development. The contractual modalities of the employment can differ depending on the specifics of vacant post.

The main differences between contract types are:

Fixed-term Contract is issued for staff hired for the country office posts.

Temporary Appointment is a contract modality used under limited circumstances as follows: to appoint staff for seasonal or peak workloads and specific short-term requirements for less than one year with an expiration date specified in the letter of appointment; or to replace a staff member for a limited period ( maternity leave, SLWOP, etc.) provide the replacement is less than one year.

Service Contract is intended for engaging individuals for non-core support services in the office that would normally be outsourced to a company and for contracting development project personnel. The duration of the contract must be more than 6 months.

UNDP does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training, visa or other fee).

UNDP Personal History form (P11) can be downloaded from right rail.

Current vacancies for UNDP in Mongolia are listed above. 


UNDP is currently aware of fictitious vacancy announcements that are being circulated through email messages and different web site. The purpose of such fraudulent activity is to deceive an individual and convince him/her to send a “registration/visa/booking/other fee” prior to “hiring”. UNDP does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training, visa or other fee).

Since logos, emblems, forms, names and addresses are publicly available and can be easily copied or reproduced, applicants are strongly advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against such advanced fee frauds. If you believe that you became a victim of such fraud, you may wish to report it to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

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