Democratic Governance

(Photo: UNDP "Strengthening National Human Rights Oversight Capacity: project)
  • Capacity Strengthening of Local Self-Governing Bodies

    The proposed outcome of the project is to strengthen capacities of local hurals to fulfil their representational and oversight mandates for improved accountability of local governments and local service delivery. The project aims to offer political support, financial incentives and technical assistance for the development of a National Training Programme for local elected representatives and establish appropriate institutional arrangements for delivering the programme.

  • Strengthening National Human Rights Oversight Capacity

    The objective is to strengthen the national human rights oversight mechanisms through supporting capacity of the NHRCM to study and report on emerging human rights issues in the current development context of Mongolia and issues affecting specific groups and seek response from duty-bearers and engage with relevant institutions for policy dialogue and public education.

  • Support to Participatory Legislative Process

    The project aims to assist the Parliament of Mongolia in improving legislating drafting processes.The current procedural weaknesses in policy development and legal drafting have a series of negative implications. The lack of consultations results in limited stakeholder buy-in and poor quality of policies and laws. These shortcomings in turn undermine potential implementation of new policies and legislation.

  • Youth empowerment through civic education

    This project aims to contribute to deepening of democracy in Mongolia through addressing the issue of youth empowerment and participation. This is the first project of UNDP Mongolia which has a specific focus on youth. Formal civic education curriculum reviewed and updated with a focus on democratic citizenship and human rights; Increased youth voice in policy making through community based civic experience; Better understanding of the youth of the dynamics of democratic conflict resolution; and the importance of active political participation.


Support to the process of democratic consolidation is a key area of cooperation between UNDP and the Government of Mongolia. During earlier years of the country’s transition to democracy, the focus of cooperation was on promoting key concepts of good governance, capacity building of newly established governance institutions, including the Parliament, the National Human Rights Commission, and development the first national human rights programme.

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