Capacity Strengthening of Local Self-Governing Bodies


 Mr. Z.Enkhbold, Speaker of the State Great Khural and Ms.Sezin Sinanoglu, Resident Representative of UNDP Mongolia signed two important project documents in the Government House (Photo: UNDP Mongolia)

The proposed outcome of the project is to strengthen capacities of local hurals to fulfil their representational and oversight mandates for improved accountability of local governments and local service delivery. The project aims to offer political support, financial incentives and technical assistance for the development of a National Training Programme for local elected representatives and establish appropriate institutional arrangements for delivering the programme.

The project offers a comprehensive package for capacity building through supply-driven induction training for newly elected hural members, complemented by innovative training methodologies such as identification and dissemination of best practices on citizen participation, and the development of tools to support hurals in their oversight functions. Regular monitoring, including institutional and context analysis of power structures at local level, and lessons learned from the project will result in an improved legal framework for local self-governance. 


  • A National Training Programme for local elected representatives is developed and institutionalized;
  • Improved downward accountability of elected representatives through promoting citizen participation in decision making;
  • Increased oversight capacity of local hurals;
  • Lessons integrated into legal and policy framework for local self-governance.










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