Strengthening National Human Rights Oversight Capacity


The objective is to strengthen the national human rights oversight mechanisms through supporting capacity of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) to study and report on emerging human rights issues in the current development context of Mongolia and issues affecting specific groups and seek response from duty-bearers and engage with relevant institutions for policy dialogue and public education.

Project’s goals:

  • Mandate of NHRCM is enhanced to focus on issues-based monitoring;
  • Improved complaints handling and case management;
  • Improved public education and outreach.


 Participants of the workshop on reporting to international human rights treaty bodies,2013 Photo by NHRCM/Badmaarag.Z
  • Four thematic studies were conducted dealing with mining, rights of LGBT people, rights of children studying at religious schools, and bureaucratic red tape and human rights. Each study revealed a number of human rights concerns which need to be remedied, ad provided recommendations for respective organizations. Findings were incorporated in 2012 annual report on status of human rights and freedom. The report was submitted to and discussed by the Parliament. Especially, activities related to human rights and mining drew attention of policy makers and the general public to this issue;
  • Human rights open days were organized in aimags;
  • Online human rights training programme is under development.
  • 4 local NGOs received human rights grant announced by the NHRCM.


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