Youth empowerment through civic education


This project aims to contribute to deepening of democracy in Mongolia through addressing the issue of youth empowerment and participation. This is the first project of UNDP Mongolia which has a specific focus on youth. 

  • Formal civic education curriculum reviewed and updated with a focus on democratic citizenship and human rights;
  • Increased youth voice in policy making through community based civic experience;
  • Better understanding of the youth of the dynamics of democratic conflict resolution; and the importance of active political participation


  • Research study on current status of civic education, including curricula, teaching skills, and textbooks, was conducted; a working group on development of formal curricula on civic education, was created; and textbooks and resource materials of other countries on civic education were reviewed. 
  • Methodology for youth engagement was refined; and 3 voluntary youth groups were formed.
  • Youth facilitators were trained; meetings with young journalists became a routine, and a new website for online discussion forum “DemoCrazy” was created and is actively being used.  


2012 $65,000  
2013 $191,986  $15,528
2014 $42,523  $13,962 
Total $300,000 $29,490 


Year Total Delivery
2012 $65,000
2013 N/A
2014 N/A
Total $65,000

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