Mongolia's Network of managed resource protected areas (MRPA)

What is project about?

Mongolia’s globally significant biodiversity necessitates the conservation of vast landscapes. Although Mongolia’s total protected landscapes system may seem large, but is actually ecologically inadequate both in terms of size and inclusion of suitable habitat and ecosystems. 7 out of the 19 ecosystems are still heavily underrepresented.

There is strong government will to expand protected area system, to protect 30% of the territory by 2020. Unfortunately, Mongolia’s current legislative structure creates a glass ceiling to reaching this objective, state PAs are remaining isolated islands. Wildlife outside of protected areas would continue to be highly vulnerable to the identified threats.

The project will support the creation of a comprehensive set of regulations to morph LPAs into "community conservation areas" (CCAs) to provide a pathway to safeguard currently vulnerable habitat for a number of globally significant and threatened species (e.g., argali, white-naped crane and Mongolian gazelle) outside of the existing PA system. Efforts will be directed towards empowering rural communities to alleviate conservation threats,  mitigating the negative impacts of wildlife harvest, grazing and agriculture, habitat conversion and infrastructure development, and climate change.

Project sites

Goals and objective

The project goal is to ensure the integrity of Mongolia’s diverse ecosystems to secure the viability of the nation’s globally significant biodiversity. The project objective is to catalyze the strategic expansion of Mongolia’s protected area (PA) system through establishment of a network of community conservation areas (CCAs) covering under-represented terrestrial ecosystems.

The project’s two Outcomes are designed to address these challenges.

Outcome 1: will establish a new protected area category for strategic PA expansion. 

Outcome 2: will emplace institutional capacity and resource base development to ensure sustainability of managed resource PAs. 

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