Volunteer Stories

Small containers: Big difference

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: What am I doing here? Let me ask a question first. Globally, can you imagine how many people lack clean and safe drinking water, and how many lack adequate sanitation services? “It’s nearly done,” I answered.  Our project staff were preparing a large number of containers which would be delivered to project sites in the western region of Mongolia, approximately 1,500 km from the capital Ulaanbaatar. More

Roob to raom, pastures to feed, forests to breathe!

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: By developing alternative economic activities and finding ways that local people can engage in and even benefit from the conservation process, projects as ours are able to help make local people part of the solution instead of the problem. What else will we need for this monitoring mission in these harsh climatic conditions? Winter is so near and the weather so unpredictable.  More

Volunteering our service is a noble deed

Port of Spain, Trinidad: UNV volunteer Dr. Darisuren Chanrav shares her experiences working in "small island nations" across the globe - places that couldn't be more different from her native Mongolia. It was a great pleasure and a privilege for me to get this wonderful offer to spend a part of my life and time to serve the sick and poor as a UNV volunteer. More

The fruits of entrepreneurship in Mongolia

Ulaangom, Mongolia: A UNV volunteer has teamed up with Japanese partners to help Mongolians market some products with unusual benefits -  such as the second most nutritious fruit in the world. While working with local fruit processors, national UNV volunteer Ts Batsuuri found that the sea-buckthorn berry (a fruit indigenous to China and Mongolia and known locally as 'chazargana'), turned out to have some interesting properties.More

Saving wool and willows

BONN: Sharavyn Tsendsuren, a 40-year-old widow, lives in Matad soum, a small administrative area in eastern Mongolia. Tsenduren lost her job as a state-sponsored veterinarian after the collapse of the centrally-planned economy in 1990. She moved from job to job, starting as a kindergarten teacher and ending up as a school janitor. Unemployed for a year, she struggled to care for her children, two of whom are disabled. More

Working for child friendly schools in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: I came to Mongolia almost 11 months ago to work as a UNV Gender Officer in the UNICEF office. Besides working on gender issues, I have been mostly working within Child Friendly School team which brings me out of the office and enables me to see the “real” Mongolia. During field visits I have had many opportunities to visit schools and school dormitories, learning more about issues children have to deal with there. 

UN Volunteers in Mongolia helping Turn Garbage To Gold

A proper waste management and recycling in Ulaanbaatar (UB), the capital of Mongolia, is absent. Moreover, poverty and unemployment are rising at the city outskirts known as the ger district. But something can be done. The Turning Garbage to Gold (TG2G) project, introduced by UNDP Mongolia as a part of its innovation action, addressed both environmental degradation due to weak solid waste management and urban poverty of the ger district residents. More

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