Environment and Energy

Mongolia’s rapid economic growth driven by natural resource extraction, is amplifying threats to the environment leading to land degradation, water and air pollution, loss of biodiversity, in addition to overexploitation of forests and pasture. Environmental degradation combined with rising climate change impact makes the highly natural resources dependent local people and the fragile ecosystems most vulnerable.

Our Goals

UNDP’s Environment and Energy portfolio focuses on the development of a range of strategies that enhance the country’s ability to conserve and protect its environment, and to empower local communities and enhance institutional capacity for sustained environmental management and climate change adaptation. UNDP also supports Mongolia in accessing international environmental financing.more

Shaazgai lake, Uvs Province, Mongolia

Mongolia is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its geographical location, fragile ecosystem and socio-economic conditions (Photo: UNDP Mongolia)more

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The project objective is to maintain the water provisioning services supplied by mountains and steppe ecosystems by internalizing climate change risks within land and water resource management regimes. The project aims at alleviating vulnerabilities and dismantling identified barriers by implementing three interconnected componentsMore 

  • The objective of the project is to catalyze the management effectiveness and financial sustainability of Mongolia’s protected areas system. The annual revenues to the National PA system at project start were approximately US$2.5million. The project aims develop the management and financial capacity of MEGD and strengthen the partnerships between PA authorities and local communities, local government, NGOs and the private sector to achieve the long-term sustainability of PA financing to allow Mongolia to cover the financing gap.More 

  • The goal of the project is the reduction in the annual growth rate of GHG emissions from the building sector in Mongolia. The Building Energy Efficiency Project will contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions through the transformation of the Mongolian buildings market towards more energy-efficient building technologies and services, sustainable private house insulation and energy efficiency financing mechanisms.More 

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