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UNDP puts partnership at the centre of all aspects of our work. Without partners, results cannot be achieved. In Mongolia, UNDP partners with the Government of Mongolia, various UN Agencies, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, private sector, civil society organisations, media, and academia.

Partnership with the Government: The Government of Mongolia is UNDP’s principal partner. UNDP’s partnership with the Government of Mongolia is dynamic, broad-based and driven by the evolving capacity development needs of the country. Partnership with the United Nations System: UNDP partners with all UN agencies. UNDP also provides services to the other UN agencies in Mongolia.

Partnership with civil society: The UNDP focus on human development places people at the centre of development cannot be achieved without the robust engagement of civil society. Therefore, UNDP makes a special effort to build partnership with civil society in all areas of our work. UNDP also partners with international NGOs as a source of knowledge and expertise.

Partnership with academia: UNDP pursues close cooperation with universities, research institutes and think-tanks in Mongolia. Partnership with the private sector: The private sector represents a strategic partner in several dimensions, and UNDP has an excellent track record of partnering with private sector companies in the financial sector as well as in the context of the work of the Global Compact. Partnership with international organizations and bilateral donors: UNDP partners with bilateral donor organizations as well as global funding mechanisms to raise funding and support for development in Mongolia.

Partnerships with International Financial Institutions: UNDP works closely with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This partnership is both at the global level as well as at the country level.

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