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Building partnership and collaboration for livelihood security in pastoral communities

Interventions and Results The Alternative Livelihood Project was directly implemented by United Nations Development Programme in Shinejinst soum of Bayankhongor in the period of March 2011 – June 2013. The main objective of the project was to alleviate social inequality of most neglected and vulneramore


Enhancing adaptive capacity for livelihood security in rural area

Since livestock privatization in 1992, rural households’ income was primarily based on private livestock production. Across all country the total number of livestock gradually was growing from year to year until 2000. Figure 2 illustrates changes in the total number of livestock in Sant in the periomore


Made in Mongolia: From an artist’s studio to a world-renowned Mongolian brand

We, Mongols, have many things that we must be prideful for. Most importantly, we must discover, preserve, pass onto generations, develop and raise public awareness of these items and fame them as “our and Mongolia’s brands”. Products of Hangain Sor, which laid the cornerstones for such achievement, more

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