Workshop on “Green Economic Modeling and System Dynamics Capacity Building for T21 Model of Mongolia”

May 22, 2014

Summary Note

Government of Mongolia is working on the institutionalization of macroeconomic Modeling T21 developed by Millennium Institute and it aims to identify integrated and comprehensive medium to long term development planning and to generate scenarios of socio-economic indicators using a system dynamic method.

Within this framework, utilization of T21 model in Mongolia became available with the funding from the UNDP through “Strengthening the government capacity of national development policy and planning” Project.

The current workshop on Green economic modeling is financed by UNEP and conducted by Dr.Weishuang Qu, Millennium Institute, organized in collaboration with Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Environment and Green Development.

Technical team had prioritized the five most important sectors for Green economy modeling as energy, housing, solid waste management, water management and land degradation. The capacity building workshop with bigger group of participants from key line ministries had identified the specific issues and relevant indicators of these five sectors.  

1.     Energy: expansion of renewable energy, increasing energy capacity, energy demand and energy supply;

2.     Housing: Ger districts, houses in green districts, apartments, insulations, coal demand and supply for burnt by buildings and gers in ger districts, improving heating system and  better insulation etc;

3.     Solid Waste: increasing capacity of recycling waste, solid waste collection and processing waste to make energy or other products;

4.     Water management: problems, driving forces, and policy action options are different in three types of areas for water management: urban, rural, industrial & mining. Provision of clean water to rural and Ger district households, low price of water, and excessive water consumption in urban residents, water sanitation;

5.     Land degradation: Statistics shows that desertification takes the most of the land degradation but the way of defining desertification is debated. Agricultural land degradation, pastureland degradation, mining land degradations is issue.

Total of 24 officials participated from Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Environment and Green Development, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, National Statistical Office and Governor’s Office of Capital city, Darkhan-Uul aimag and Orkhon aimag.

“Green economy - T21 Mongolia model” will be fully developed by the end of this year in accordance with the technical team plan. 

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