Representatives of local hurals held a discussion on how to effectively improve capacity of local self-governing bodies

Sep 19, 2013

(UNDP Mongolia)

Representatives of Local Hurals held a discussion on how to effectively implement the project “Capacity Strengthening of Local Self-Governing Bodies”. The main goal of the project  is to strengthen capacity of the local hurals to carry out their representative and oversight roles. The project will run until 2016. Over 70 representatives of aimag and district local hurals participated in the Inception Workshop held today, and exchanged their opinions about the project activities planned for the coming years.

During the discussion, presentations were made on creation and design of a website of local hurals, resuls of self-assessment of local hurals on participation of citizens in decision making process, training of representatives elected newly by 2012 elections, creation of centers for advocacy and dissemination of laws and resolutions adopted by the Parliament as well for obtaining comments from citizens on draft laws, and improving of legislative environment for local hurals.

In his opening speech, Mr. Z.Enkhbold, Speaker of the Parliament, highlighted that the following the new Law on Budget, the size of budget to be allocated by local hurals has increased 2.3 times as compared to 2010, and the challenge to successfully implement decentralization policy without any reversal. Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, Resident Representative of UNDP, congratulated all representatives for being elected to this important office, and expressed UNDP’s commitment to supporting the local self governing bodies, and building the trust and confidence of citizens in this important democratic institution.

A number of activities are being planned under this project in four areas, including development of training programme for hural representatives, establishment of a regular training mechanism, improving ways to enhance local citizens’ participation in decision making, and improving legislative environment for local self-governing bodies.

Numerous proposals, suggestions and comments were put forward during the discussion: develop detailed regulation on convening first general meeting of khoroo citizens and election of chair; build capacity of the office of local hurals; develop a regulation setting a staff quota for the office of local hurals, based on certain criteria; improve legislative environment for selection and appointment of staff, in addition to budgetary decentralization; enforce local hural decisions as final decisions and ensure their acceptance by relevant stakeholders.

The project is being implemented jointly by the Standing Committee on State Structure and Sub-Standing Committee on Local Governance of the Parliament, Parliamentary Secreatariat and UNDP, and is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC).  


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