Award given for the best environmental journalism of 2015

Jun 15, 2015

In view of the World Environment Day, the 2015 competition on the best environmental media products was organized by “Green World” Environmental Journalism Club of the Press Institute of Mongolia in cooperation with UNDP Mongolia. UNDP supported the competition through its two projects implemented jointly with the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism: “Ecosystem Based Adaptation Approach to Maintaining Water Security in Critical Water Catchments in Mongolia” and “Mongolia’s Network of Managed Resources Protected Areas”.

The competition was organized to draw attention to the most pressing environmental issues Mongolia is facing currently. It aims at promoting and inspiring the coverage of environmental journalism in Mongolia, bringing environmental concerns to the attention of decision makers, raising awareness and fostering debate on those issues.  

A total of 17 media products were received for the period of March-June and awardees are as the following:

Topic 1 - Climate change and water resource saving: a total of 10 media products.

1st place: ‘Let everyone plant 24 trees’ (article), G.Batzorig, National Times News Journal

2nd place: ‘Water engineers now became 30’ (article), R.Batzorig, National Times News Journal

3rd place: ‘Let’s hand over Green certificate to every child’ (article), D.Ulziisaikhan, MONTSAME information agency

Topic 2 - Special protected area: a total of 7 media products.

1st place: ‘Citizen’s Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar city destroyed what they created’ (article), Ch.Dashdeleg, freelance journalist

2nd place: ‘Tsagaan deglii cave should be protected’ (article), B.Solongo, Zuunii Medee Newspaper

3rd place: “A Growing Tree” (radio program), D.Tsengenjav, Mongolian National Radio

The awarded media products will be used in the future training events for environmental education of Mongolian journalists

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