Social Good Summit Meet-up in Mongolia

Sep 22, 2014

Venue: Silicon House, National Information Technology Park, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Organizers: Mongolian Youth Council, Center for Citizenship Education with support of UNFPA and UNDP


UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative of UNDP

Distinguished guest and participants,

Welcome to the first-ever Mongolia Meet-up of the 2014 Social Good Summit!

I am truly happy to be here with you at this unique event.   

For five years now the world has been having a global conversation. A conversation that reaches out and brings the voices of not only world leaders but also new media and technology experts, grassroots activists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and many other voices from around the world. This truly global conversation is the Social Good Summit and today we are here to participate in this amazing event.

The goal is simple: it is to discuss how we can leverage technology and new media to solve the most important challenges that the world faces today. Whether it is eliminating hunger, or improving access to clean water, or reducing crime in cities – how can technology and new media help solve pressing problems for the benefit of all.

The model is unique: there is a “main” event, held in NY with the participation of some very well-known people such as Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Alicia Keys - singer and philanthropist, Helen Clark – Administrator of UNDP, and Megan Smith, who recently became the first woman to ever be named U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

In addition to this main event, local events called “Meetups” are being held in over 60 countries all around the world. These Meetups bring together local communities on September 21st and 22nd to discuss how they are using the digital tools of today to connect for good and connect for all. Our meeting today is one of those Meetups. Our Meetup today is to bring Mongolia’s voice to this global conversation.

What makes the Social Good Summit very unique is its third feature: it is open to every single person on earth. The Summit will reach global audiences online and in real time, in seven different languages. People all over the world will meet and join forces in-person, online and by connecting back to the Summit in New York City through video and social media.

It is no coincidence that the Social Good Summit is held right now. The 69th UN General Assembly is currently in session and all member states are discussing a new global development agenda to follow the Milennium Development Goals which will end in 2015. To bring tangible benefits to all this agenda, the Post-2015  Development Agenda needs to be truly transformative and that can only happen if we are innovative building on each others’ ideas and each others’ commitment. The Social Good Summit – and Mongolia – will add to that discussion and shape the world we live in.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The theme of the 2014 Social Good Summit is 2030 NOW: Connecting for Good, Connecting for All and we are encouraged to debate the following questions:

  • What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?
  • How can technology, innovation, and new media help achieve greater equality for all by then?

The Mongolia Social Good Summit Meetup is a bottom-up initiative started by youth volunteers.  I would like to congratulate and thank the Mongolian Youth Council for uniting around 30 youth-led organizations to participate in this event. They came up with the agenda and prepared this event to spark discussions for social good and youth participation in technology, innovation and new media in the areas of:

  • social enterprise,
  • empowering women
  • reproductive health and
  • education.

A special thank you to the National IT Park for partnering with us and so generously hosting this event.

A warm thank you to UNFPA and the Center for Citizenship Education for co-organizing this first Social Good Summit Mongolia Meetup.

Most importantly, I would like to recognize our young volunteers, our speakers, panelists and moderators who came here with the conviction that together we can change our world for the better.

I wish you a lively discussion, much energy and many ideas.  2030 starts today with your voices.

Now, I invite all young people to come up on board.

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