Welcome remarks by Thomas Eriksson, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

Sep 26, 2015

Social Good Summit – Opening RemarksSocial Good Summit – Opening Remarks

Welcome to your Social Good Summit!

The Mongolia Social Good Summit is a bottom-up initiative started by youth volunteers. I would like to thank the Mongolian Youth Council especially for their leadership. Thanks also go to the National IT Park for partnering with us and so generously hosting the event, to UN colleagues from UNDP and UNFPA, and to the Center for Citizenship Education.  Most importantly, I would like to recognize and thank all young volunteers, speakers, panelists and moderators, and media supporters who came here with the conviction that together we can change our world for the better.

Today is a huge day for development. In New York, world leaders have just adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the world agenda until 2030.

This agenda has been set by all the people of the world, for the people of the world – today and tomorrow. The starting point was to ask a question: What kind of world do I want to live in? And the result - The Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development means a development that improves our lives without harming our planet by using all its resources now saving nothing for the future.  As my boss, the United Nations Secretary-General often say, “there is no planet B”. 

The goals are huge – end poverty and hunger, protect the planet and ensure that all human beings enjoy peace and prosperity, leaving no one behind. They are about the way we live, behave, invest, do business, produce and consume. They are about the type of world we should aim for – one that is equal, create jobs and prosperity and does not harm the planet. The goals also make it clear that all of us – each one here, the companies or organizations we work for, the cities and countries we live in, and the governments we have elected – have a shared responsibility in the success and future of our planet.

Everything is connected and linked – so also the Social Good Summits - in more than hundred countries around the world, young people are getting together to talk about this and what it means to you and how you can contribute to a better world. We are connected not only in spirit and purpose but also through social media so the voices of this summit and the hundred other will reach global audiences online and in real time.

Here, now, today, in this room – we can make a good start for Mongolia. We have some of Mongolia’s most creative, talented, intelligent, and engaged young people – and some not so young… - and we are here to find solutions and ideas for how we can make Mongolia and the world a better place – for the People and the Planet.

2030 now starts today with your voices. Thanks for your engagement and leadership. 

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