Project Inception Workshop - Strengthening representatives bodies in Mongolia

Oct 5, 2016

Strengthening Representative Bodies in Mongolia


5 October 2016

Opening Remarks by Ms. Beate Trankmann,  UNDP Resident Representative

  • Your Excellency, Mr. Enkhbold, Chair of the Standing Committee on State Structures of the State Great Hural  
  • Hon. Mr. Javkhlan, Chair of the Sub Standing on Local Governance
  • Mr. Tsolmon, General Secretary of the Parliament Secretariat
  • Distinguished Hural Chairs and Secretaries,
  • Honorable Guests,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, 

A warm welcome to UN House and to the inception workshop of the “Strengthening Representative Bodies in Mongolia” project. 

In a country as vast as Mongolia, meeting the needs of every citizen is a huge challenge. But I am delighted to say today that we, together, are making that easier.

With this project, we aim to support you as the elected representatives in carrying out the mandate entrusted to you by the Mongolian citizens, at the local level.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mongolia is changing fast. But one thing is certain: Mongolia’s democracy is maturing by the day. The UNDP stands committed to supporting all aspects of democracy in this country. In particular, in building the trust and confidence of all its citizens in the most crucial institutions of democracy – the local self-governing bodies and Parliament.

I would like to congratulate the Chairs of the aimag and the capital city Hurals for being elected to this important office. Local hural representatives are key to the success of democracy and human development. So, our interest is to help you build your capacities to fulfill that responsibility as best as possible.

And with that objective, our new project aims to help Hural members to better:

  • Represent your constituencies. How to interact with the people you represent; to carry their messages to the local government; and respond to their needs.
  • Similarly, we want to equip you for making decisions on complex local development issues: how to balance different interests and prioritize; how to reach decisions that are realistic, yet sustainable.
  • We also aim to support you in exercising oversight: How to monitor the work of the local government; how to ensure not only financial, legal and ethical compliance, but also a high quality of service to your citizens?
  • Finally, we are honoured to assist the Parliament of Mongolia in engaging with local hurals in rolling out local laws and undertaking the legal reforms needed for better-functioning local governments.  

As council members, I’m sure these issues are often on your mind. I hope that this project will help you find the answers.

Let me now turn to the new international development agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals, which were agreed by world leaders at the UN in NY a year ago and will guide policy-making in all countries for the next decade and a half. The SDGs are a global call to action to end poverty, fight inequality, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. But these goals cannot be achieved nationally, until they are met in aimags and soums.

Mongolia has already adapted the SDGs to its national context, bringing them into Mongolia’s Sustainable Development Vision 2030, adopted by the State Great Hural this year. To achieve this vision, national targets such as ending poverty must be translated into local development programs, actions, budgets and spending. These depend on your knowledge of the realities of your aimags and soums – knowledge that only you, as citizen representatives, have to inform decision making at national level.

I would like to thank His Excellency, Mr. Enkhbold. M – Speaker of the Parliament of Mongolia with whom I signed the project document 2 days ago. The strong partnership we have with Mr. Enkhold. N, Chair of the Standing Committee on State Structures, as well as with Mr. Tsolmon, General Secretary of the Parliamentary Secretariat, is crucial in launching this project.

I would also like to express our gratitude to the Swiss Development Cooperation Office in Mongolia for their collaboration. They have been with us from the start, in conceiving the project and in formulating the programme framework. It is their funding and support that helps us reach all of you around the country.

I wish you all fruitful discussions and success in your work in meeting the needs of the people of Mongolia.

Thank you.


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