Nalaikh district pilots a micro project to renovate a water kiosk that ends up renovating all water kiosk into 2020

Nalaikh is one of the remote districts in Mongolia with a population of 36.4 thousand. More than 26,000 citizens use 55,000-tons of clean water provided by 34 water kiosks that have been constructed in Nalaikh. Communities living in Nalaikh have lack of access or sometimes no access to clean water. Most of the water kiosks in Nalaikh are old and their construction quality is poor, risking unhygienic practices and  the spread of diseases. In collaboration with UNDP and Ulaanbaatar city, the SDGs localization project has been implementing small pilot projects across Mongolia. Nalaikh is one of the many aimags to have its water kiosk renovated. The water kiosk is located in Zamchin streets in the III khoroo.

Before and after of the water kiosk renovation


Before the renovation, the 14th water kiosk has been used for 42 years without significant maintenance and substantial renovation. The building was worn-out, the water reservoir was rusty and action to resolve problems in water sanitation had been neglected. Each month, a 6-ton water truck delivers 33-34 times a month. Occasionally the kiosk does not function due to water shortage and poor maintenance to provide clean and accessible water for the people of Nalaikh. 



To resolve this challenge, UNDP and UB City have address fundamental rights and access to human needs such as having access to clean water by creating a package called the “Smart Water Kiosk” that self-maintains water purification and sustain access to clean water.

These include:

- A smart water distribution system has been engineered for citizens to have 24 hour access to the water kiosk. This is the first Smart water kiosk in Nalaikh. Previously, about 300 households (about 1,100 residents) were served by this water kiosk, while new water kiosk could supply more than 700 households with good quality drinking water

- A smart censor in the water tank allows better monitoring of supply and quality of water to manage responsible consumption. If the water level in the reservoir reaches 500L, the sensor alarms the signal on water completion to the supplier.

- Installation of water heaters provides options with cold and hot water for citizens. It is the first hot water service in the Nalaikh district.

- The kiosk uses a polymer water reservoir (tank) to improve quality of drinking water.

- The building has been renovated to attract communities ensuring the safety of the water and comfort of users visiting the kiosk to have maximum benefit when accessing water. For households travelling far there is now a landscaped lawn, concrete area, camera, full illumination and enough car space. 



The opening of the “Smart Water Kiosk” in September 2019 was positively reviewed. During the meeting between UNDP, UB Governor’s Office and Nalaikh Governor’s office, Mr. Tuyabaatar who is head of Urban Planning Division in Nalaikh Governor office emphasised that this “Smart Water Kiosk” has become the model to be used not in Ulaanbaatar but across Mongolia where communities do not have daily access to clean drinking water. 

To up-scale this project, members of Citizen’s Representative Khural of Nalaikh district visited “Smart Water Kiosk” before the final discussion on the 2020 budget. They were impressed understood the importance for citizens to have the right to access good water quality. A progressive step was taken by the Citizen’s Representative Khural to approve 200 million tukrigs to renovate all water kiosks in Nalaikh district replicating the same standards and design used in the 14th Water kiosk. Nalaikh’s local representatives emphasized that the district will continue its effort to improve drinking water quality.


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