Democratic governance

Our intervention

UNDP will continue to support the ongoing democratic consolidation with emphasis on greater equality and equity; strengthened political and civic institutions; increased openness, accountability, transparency and integrity in public organizations, and strengthened local governance.


Local Governance

Closely related with the issue of participatory legislative process is strengthening local self-governing bodies. With the recent changes in policy environment towards decentralization, building capacities of local Hurals (local parlimanent) to fulfill their representational and oversight mandates has become a priority in order to further sustain the reform agenda and to improve local service delivery. UNDP with the support of the Swiss Development Cooperation is going to address this key issue. A core training module for local hural members is being developed, highlighting legislative provisions on local self-governance and incorporating topics such as human rights based approach and green growth. By 2015, all local hural members would have attended this training.     

Effective Legislation and Policies

UNDP is supporting the State Great Khural (national parliament of Mongolia) with the development of revised procedures for legislative drafting and establishment of a national mechanism for consultation on draft laws. This willl imrpove citizens’ participation in legislative processes. Activities in this area also include civic education, youth participation, and support to compliance with UN Convention against Corruption through responding to specific needs identified, including those related to asset recovery, mutual legal assistance or implementation of the Conflict of Interest Law.

Electoral Systems and Processes

UNDP will continue to provide electoral support to increase the credibility and efficiency in the management of elections. Voter and civic education programmes are also supported with the specific focus on political empowerment of youth and women.  A ‘women as voters and candidates’ campaign aiming to increase the number of women in the parliament and local hurals (councils) was implemented and support was provided to develop an action plan for greater women’s participation in political decision making.

Access to Justice

To improve access to justice, programmes are focusing on empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged to articulate their interests and organize themselves to claim legal remedies for grievances.

Human Rights

Support to protection of human rights remains a key component of the current programme. Several studies were conducted on emerging human rights issues, including the links between mining and human rights, the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals and the impach on human rights of administrative red tape. In addition to overall human rights awareness raising UNDP will support the National Human Rights Commission improving public outreach, reporting on human rights treaty bodies such as the Universal Periodic Review, and strengthening their capacity for complaints handling.

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