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Crunching Big Data to Save Lives

Extreme weather events triggered by changing climate, hit the poorest the hardest and the worst impacts are experienced in least developed countries.  

How can Used Coffee Grinds Reduce Poverty in Mongolia?

Blog post by Natalie Bye, Youth and Private Sector Officer at UNDP Mongolia.  

The journey from Hunter to Ranger: Mandakh’s Story

"Mandakh feels proud that he is protecting his homeland, and securing its future for generations to come. Besides Mandakh, 198 herder households based within the LPA have joined forces – forming 13…  

Strengthening Youth in Mongolia’s Decision-Making

Across the Mongolian steppe, winds of political change are blowing. After decades of governance by generations who endured communism and its collapse, a new wave is stepping up. 27 year-old…  

UNDP Executive Board approved a new Country Programme for Mongolia (2017-2021)

The Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme approved the Country Programme for Mongolia for the period 2017-2021 in New York.  

Mongolia to Cut Carbon in Construction Sector

A new initiative to develop and incentivize ecological, low-emission and energy-efficient approaches in Mongolia’s construction and housing sector is being launched this year. The “Nationally…  

CPAP Progress Report 2014

This progress report covers the two first years (2012 and 2013) of implementation of the CPAP. The purpose of the report is to take stock of progress made, validate current programme focus against the…  

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