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Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Phase II - Mongolia

BIOFIN aims at providing support for countries to initiate a national policy dialogue and transformational process through a stepwise customizable approach to identify and mobilise the resources and…  

Rolling Out an Integrated Approach to the SDG financing in Mongolia

The Joint Programme aims to improve the alignment of financial resources with the national development policies and planning system and unlock new sources of financing for sustainable development.  

Improving Adaptive Capacity and Risk Management of Rural Communities in Mongolia

The project will strengthen capacity of the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMEM) to collect and analyze the data necessary for climate-informed planning.  

Accelerator Lab

Accelerator Lab teams are helping UNDP and partners close the gap between the current practices of international development and an accelerated pace of change.  

Supporting an Inclusive and Multi-Sectoral Response to COVID-19 and Addressing its Socio-Economic Impact

As coping with and overcoming COVID-19 requires countries to have resilient institutions across all sectors, UNDP Mongolia proposes a bottom-up approach to strengthen the capacity of the social…  

Deepening efforts to accelerate NDC implementation in Mongolia

The objective of the project is to ensure a well-coordinated NDC process that would result in an actionable plan with a robust financing strategy fully aligned with the SDGs and Mongolia’s 2030 Vision…  

Ensuring Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE) of Green Landscapes in Mongolia

This project will apply the GEF multi-focal area approach for the first time in Mongolia by simultaneously integrating biodiversity conservation and sustainable land and forest management, through the…  

Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform

Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform is a national-level umbrella mechanism with collaborative leadership. The MSCP adopts a comprehensive systematic strategy to tackle key challenges currently…  

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SEPA EGP)

The Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) for Sustainable Natural Resource Management is a joint initiative of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Development…  

COVID-19 pandemic

UNDP is working with its partners to combat the spread of the disease and to support the most affected countries where health systems are weakest and people are at their most vulnerable.  

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