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Mongol Enterprising Adventure Monitoring report

Mar 16, 2019

The ‘Mongol Enterprising Adventure’ was a two-day event beginning and ending at the ‘Innovation Hub’ and moving between four different locations in the City of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 27 and 28 October 2018. This two-day event aimed to improve the 'General Enterprising Tendencies' of Mongolian youth, and in doing so increase the number and success of enterprising activities (for profit and not-for-profit projects) undertaken by young Mongolians. In monitoring the Mongol Enterprising Adventure, a combination of questionnaires, observation, ‘the General Measure of Enterprising Tendencies Test' Version 2 (GET2) and rich pictures were used, and a comparative study was undertaken in the analysis. This report represents a comprehensive summary of monitoring the ‘Mongol Enterprising Adventure’.

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