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Contribution of the MDGs Framework to Mongolia's Development

Nov 25, 2015

The Report was prepared as part of the project “Strengthening Government Capacity for National Development Policy and Planning” implemented with support from United Nations Development Programme, Mongolia.

This report is a revised version of a study conducted by an independent research team from the National University of Mongolia as part of the programme on “Strengthening the Government Capacity for Development Policy and Planning Project” currently being implemented by the Government of Mongolia and UNDP. The programme aims to provide support to the Government of Mongolia to improve its economic policy formulation, strategic planning and monitoring at national and local levels and guide the preparation of various planning documents to ensure better coordination and harmonization of long-, medium-, and short-term planning in the country. The intended outcome of the programme is to build Government capacities to meet its objective of putting in place a stable and robust national development policy and planning framework and promoting fiscal decentralization that will help improve service delivery and effectively manage mining revenues. 

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