Development Dialogue 10: Women's Political Empowerment in Mongolia

  • Organizing agency: UNDP and National Committee on Gender Equality
  • When: 09:00-13:00 PM, 23 December, 2014
  • Venue: Chinggis Khaan Hotel, Ulaanbaatar


Women’s political participation is a fundamental prerequisite for gender equality and imperative for achieving inclusive, equitable and sustainable development. Studies show that higher numbers of women in the parliament contribute to stronger commitment to social justice and gender equality. Yet, women still remain sidelined from the key governing bodies that determine the political and legislative priorities.   

In Mongolia, women’s representation in the parliament increased to 14.5 percent as a result of the 2012 general elections. However, Mongolia still ranks below the world average of 21.9 percent. Especially, in the coming 2016 elections, there is no guarantee that this number will remain the same or increase. There is a momentum to bring the topic of women’s political participation to upfront, since the Parliament of Mongolia is debating electoral, political party and political finance reforms.

For this purpose, the Dialogue will provide a platform for various stakeholders including the Parliamentarians members, Government officials, Political Parties, academia, international and civil society organizations and the media to exchange views on the most urgent issues and solutions for gender-responsive political reforms and strategies for advancing the gender equality agenda for the 2016 elections.  

Issues for Discussion

The Dialogue is expected to raise a number of questions relevant for identifying appropriate approaches for gender-equitable political environment and promoting women’s participation in Mongolia:

  • What are the challenges that women face in political participation?
  • What is the current status of the amended draft of the Law on General Election and Law on Political Party in relation to women’s equal participation? How should the Laws address promoting gender-equitable elections and political parties?
  • How will the Political Parties work as the enabler and promoter of gender equality rather than barriers? For that purpose, what should be the roles of women’s groups in the political parties?
  • How to partner with male MPs as well as men in public to promote gender equality in political arena?
  • How to raise public awareness and gain public support on women’s political representation?

Dialogue Structure

This Dialogue will be organized with presentations on the key issues and then followed by panel discussion and open exchange of views among participants. The first part will discuss challenges faced by women when participating in elections and political processes. In the second part, Members of Parliament will present their point of views and status on the process of amending the laws on elections, political parties. As well as the role of women’s wings of political parties and male champions. The participants will be invited to provide their perspectives and views.   

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