National Forum and Development Dialogue 7: Development Policy and Planning Law

  • Date: 19 February 2014, UN House,Ulaanbaatar
  • Organizers: UNDP, Ministry of  Economic Development of Mongolia
  • Donor: UK Embassy


With rapid growth of the Mongolian economy and increase in mining revenues, proper planning, consistent policymaking, sound public investment plan, effective implementation and monitoring are key drivers of development and necessary to ensure that available resources are effectively harnessed to meet the country’s many development objectives.

Within the scope of establishing the legal framework for development policymaking and planning system, the Ministry of Economic Development drafted the Development policy and planning law and is planning to submit the draft law to the Parliament in the 2014 spring session. The draft law regulates the following relations:

  • Ensure consistency and coherence of development policy documents at national, local and sector levels
  • Develop policy documents based on their rationale and practical need as well as its relevancy to goals and targets of the national long-term development policy
  • Define the authorities and responsibilities of government organizations in development policymaking, approving, policy implementation, results-based reporting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensure that planning is done timely and implementable
  • Regulate relations which arise under  keeping planning transparent to the public

As the law is approved, the challenges in Mongolia’s current development policymaking and planning system will be overcome within the legal framework and the planning system will be strengthened. This will set the ground for Mongolia’s development policy documents and their goals to be systematic, consistent, coherent and implementable. Moreover, the law will have a significant impact on the public, private sector and investors to have a clearer understanding about policies; strengthen the public trust in government and the country’s future and have a positive implication for private sector long-term business plan.       

The law draft has been revised after a series of discussions and dialogues at various levels. However, the significance of the national forum and development dialogue lies in bringing decision makers and other stakeholders together and presenting the opportunity to build awareness and developing a common understanding of the law’s main provisions and receiving a round of comments and suggestions for the draft law.


At the discussion stage of the draft Law on Development Policy and Planning, a number of issues arise which are relevant to an integrated development policy and planning framework in Mongolia.  

  • To what extent does the draft Law reflect a national consensus on planning in Mongolia?
  • How does the draft Law impact existing short-, mid-, and long-term policies?
  • How well is the draft law integrated with policy planning documents such as National Development Strategy, long-term strategies, medium-term Government Action Plans, the Public Investment Plan (PIP), annual Socio-economic Guidelines, and sector master plans?
  • Whether and to what extent does the draft Law provide policy continuity across possible change in government after elections?
  • Whether and to what extent are the planning and budget cycles aligned at both central and aimag levels? How will the draft Law regulate them?
  • Are suitable mechanisms in place for regular monitoring of plan implementation?
  • How planning can be evaluated as outcome-based, not process-based? Are there any provisions for mid-term evaluations to ensure that implementation stays on track?
  • How well does the draft Law integrate the central and the local planning systems, especially after the strengthening of decentralised planning under the new Budget Law?


This Dialogue is organized alongside the National Forum on the draft law on Development Policy and Planning, and to that extent it is distinct from previous Dialogues. The first part, organized as a National Forum, will have presentations on the draft Law followed by discussions. The Development Dialogue will take place in the second part and consist of a series of five facilitated discussions on some of the key aspects of the Law so that these critical issues are discussed in greater detail.



Chair:    Mr. O.Chuluunbat,Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic  Development (MED)

Welcome remarks

  • H.E Mr. N. Batbayar, Minister of Economic Development, Government of Mongolia
  • Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, UNDP Resident Representative



Chair: D.Zorigt, Member of Parliament

Presentation on ‘Necessity and the rationale to improve the current development policymaking and planning system in Mongolia’Mr. G.Batkhurel, Deputy Director of Development Policy, Strategic Planning and Regulation Deptt, MED

Comments by:

  • L.Choi-Ish, Director of Strategic Policy and Planning Department, Ministry of Industry and Agriculture
  • S.Nasanbat, Governor, Darkhan-Uul Aimag

Learning from international experience Mr. Saurabh Sinha, Senior Economist, UNDP



Presentation on ‘Key Provisions of the Draft Law on Development Policy and Planning’Mrs. Ts.Myadagmaa, Senior Officer of Development Policy, Strategic Planning and Regulation Dept, MED

10:45-11:00      Tea/Coffee Break

11:00-13:00      Development Dialogue on Development Policy and     Planning in Mongolia

Facilitated discussions on key aspects

  • Integrating long, medium- and short-term plans - Mr.Ts.Davaasuren, Member of Parliament
  • Ensuring consistency between national, sector and local level plan - Mr. A.Bakei, Member of Parliament; Mr.  S.Demberel, Member of Parliament
  • Linking planning with budget cycles - Mr. O.Khuyagtsogt, Head of Budget Expenditure  Division, Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of plan implementation - Mrs.Kh.Oyuntsetseg, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Internal Auditing Department, Cabinet Secretariat
  • What development policy documents do aimags and soums have?- Mr. J.Batsuuri, Governor, Sukhbaatar Aimag


CLOSING REMARKS    Mr. O. Chuluunbat, Vice Minister, MED

13:00                           Lunch

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