December 16,2018



The UN in Mongolia shares people’s concerns about the high levels of air pollution in Ulaanbaatar and other cities, which put lives at risk and particularly impact children, pregnant women and people with pre-existing health conditions. We welcome the public’s initiative to make their voices heard through this petition.

Mongolia is among a growing number of countries facing this challenge. There are no quick fixes. It will take sustained, long-term public and private sector investments to resolve the causes of air pollution, as well as mitigate its impact on public health.  This includes reducing emissions, by providing amongst other things greater options for citizens to adopt clean energy, better insulation in homes (including gers) and reducing coal-based power. It also includes reducing exposure by improving indoor air quality, providing real-time advice on when to avoid being outside and - when absolutely necessary - to go out in well-fitted, filtering face masks.

The UN will continue to support the Mongolian government and society with technical advice on reducing exposure, strengthening health services, promoting energy efficiency and clean heating, as well as long term plans for renewable energy.

While the UN is a source of policy and methodology guidance, action and financing need to be driven by domestic partners, including the government. The business community, civil society and the public at large all have a role to play too, in ensuring that the right to a healthy and safe environment for every Mongolian is safeguarded.

The fight against air pollution is one of our highest priorities in Mongolia. The UN stands ready to work with all parties - from the government, to businesses and citizens - on developing further solutions together towards clean, safe air for all.


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