27 December 2021, Ulaanbaatar- The Steering Committee meeting of the “Promoting Gender Equality in Public Decision-Making and Women’s Empowerment in Mongolia” project was held on 27 December 2021, and reviewed the Annual report - 2021 and endorsed the Annual Work Plan-2022 of the project.

The project board comprises Parliamentary Standing Committee on State Structure, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the General Election Commission, the National Human Rights Commission, the National Committee on Gender Equality, Monfemnet, civil society organizations, the Media Council, UNDP Co Mongolia, and KOICA of the Republic of Korea, donor.  The second board meeting was attended by relevant officials of these organizations.

“Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is Goal 5 on “achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Gender is one of the most fundamental development issues of Mongolia.  The project is implemented to support this goal at public and political decision-making levels. In 2021, the project completed necessary baseline studies and analysis. In 2022, it is planned to intensify measures at the national level to achieve the project's goals and objectives. For instance, it will focus on building the capacity of women politicians and women interested in politics, and strengthening their support networks. In addition, we will intensify public awareness activities aimed at creating gender equality at the decision-making level, raising voters' awareness of stereotypes about gender, and creating positive attitudes and practices” stated Ms. Nashida Sattar, UNDP Mongolia Deputy Resident Representative, in her remarks. 

Ms. Ja-Young Lee, Deputy Country Director of the KOICA Mongolia Office said that” Gender equality sounds big, however, the Government of Mongolia has made steady progress in this field. Our project is trying to explore the parts which are potentially significant but still largely untapped. Unfortunately, the pandemic has created new barriers in project implementation. However, we have been going forward by overcoming potential hurdles. The project will be extended to bring positive outcomes in gender equality in Mongolia. In order to do so, I am looking forward to more communication, more engagement, and more commitment in partnership with NCGE, UNDP and all the other partners”.

Ms. Munkhtsetseg Tserenjamts, Member of Parliament highlighted that “in order to strengthen the legal environment for women’s representation at decision-making level, certain provisions are being drafted in respective laws, to further impact gender equality in decision-making”.

The project is implemented by UNDP Mongolia with support of  KOICA of the Republic of Korea, and supports the Government of Mongolia in addressing the issue of underrepresentation of women in elected offices through strengthening the legal environment for women’s representation at decision-making level as well as the supporting mechanisms for women to overcome structural and other factors for pursuing a career in public leadership while raising public awareness on gender equality in decision-making among voters, political parties and media.


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