Opening Remarks by Ms. Nashida Sattar

Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Mongolia

23 December 2020


Good afternoon, Aspiring youth delegates, esteemed guests, and colleagues,

I am pleased to see that so many young people joined today to develop their entrepreneurial skills and sharpen their ideas

As you know, we are all facing challenging times due to Covid-19. For the first time, achievements toward Sustainable Development Goals, is at risk.

To recover better from the pandemic, we all need to increase, if not double, our efforts to towards achieving our common goals and vision for the world.

Young people make up over 1/3 of Mongolia’s population highlighting the tremendous opportunity you all have to influence and chart Mongolia’s future development trajectory. As the United Nations Secretary General has stated “all our hopes for a better world rest on young people.”

I commend your commitment and efforts of being here today to learn from the wealth of experience from the experts. However, this alone will not be enough. Your commitment to the development of the country’s furture is essential.

Through this #Activated2030 initiative, we are emphasizing three key areas to empower you including earning a living, being an active citizen, and being an entrepreneur. We hope these skills will  play an important role in your future.

To this end, we are seeking to create value for young entrepreneurs such as yourselves through various training programs to provide you with guidance on how to implement your ideas and develop your skills as an entrepreneur. This is not only an opportunity for you to learn but also to network with one another, explore different approaches and share your experiences from one another.

I am very pleased that we have managed to organize several of these valuable training events  in 2020 despite the challenges of the pandemic in Mongolia. With that, I want to thank our t partners including experts from UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub and Youth Co: Lab, Ulaanbaatar City Governor's Office and its Science, Industry and Innovation Department as well as project consultants, speakers and organizers for making this event possible

UNDP remains committed to supporting you all to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and build Mongolia forward better to a more inclusive and sustainable future leaving no one behind.

Thank you! I wish you all a successful event. 

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