2-3 June, 2020

UN House, Mongolia

Closing Remarks by Nashida Sattar

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Mongolia


I am delighted to be here at the closing of this great workshop. This is indeed quite an accomplishment. 

Business has to continue especially now as we have to try even harder because of the setbacks, to achieve the SDGs.  As Resident Representative Elaine Conkievich emphasized in her opening remarks, local governments have a special role to plays in reaching the SDGs as their active involvement is necessary to achieve 65 percent of the SDGs.

Let me congratulate you for putting these plans together despite all the restrictions we are facing. I am very pleased to see that we have been able to do that.

I would like to thank our partners – the Cabinet secretariat, Ministries of Finance, Environment and Tourism, and Urban Development and Construction, I would especially like to say thank you to Governors offices of Ulaanbaatar, Orkhon, Zavkhan and Arkhangai aimags, representatives of business communities and civil society organizations- for your active participation and keen interest to engage with us to formulate these action plans.  

This clearly demonstrates your strong commitment to explore shared solutions to local challenges and to achieving the sustainable development goals in Mongolia. 

I would also like to especially thank my colleague and friend Patrick Duong and his team at UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub for conceptualizing and initiating this fantastic journey.

I would also like to thank our international and local facilitators, and last but not least our fanatic team here at UNDP Mongolia. 

Hope you will join me in concluding that the workshop was a success and excellent learning opportunity despite small technical glitches. 

UNDP Mongolia is committed to provide continued support to Mongolia, in particular, local governments- Ulaanbaatar City and Aimags to rethink and shift development trajectories with more innovative systems approaches to accelerate sustainable development. 

UNDP Mongolia with the support of the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hubassures you of our commitment to work with Government, Ulaanbaatar city, Arkhangai, Zavkhan and Orkhon aimags to realize your development mission that you have initiated today.

Thank you very much for active participation and wish you all continuedand sustained success and committment in the SDG implementation.


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