Ulaanbaatar City and UNDP Joint Workshop on Localizing SDGs at District level

(The development of policy and planning documents for implementation of SDV/ SDGs at the district)

Opening remarks by Ms. Nashida Sattar, DRR  - UNDP Mongolia,

January 14, 2020 UN House, Conference Hall, 3rd floor


Distinguished Ulaanbaatar city officials, District managers and representatives,

Close to half of the country's population resides in Ulaanbaatar. And 60% of its GDP is generated from here. While the city continues to flourish, not all its residents have equally enjoyed the recent this progress. One third of Mongolia's population below the poverty line live in Ulaanbaatar.

Songinokhairkhan district is one of the biggest district in terms of populations, home to 23% of the population of UB.   Thirty percent of the district’s population lives under poverty. 73% of the district household live in ger areas. Air pollution, soil pollution, unemployment, poor access to socio-economic services continue to be struggles for them

In Nalaikh the population is highly dependent on coal mining, a good proportion of the population is dependent on illegal mining. 

Imagine, for a moment, that we are in the year 2030. Now, ask yourself, what does Ulaanbaatar and the districts look like? A high-tech, cosmopolitan capital, with blue skies, and a modern transport system? Or a city that continues to struggle with choking pollution, poor connectivity and traffic jams.  

We are here to ensure that is a high-tech cosmopolitan city with blue skies that holds a place for everyone, can sustain everyone, by the year 2030. This is vital for Ulaanbaatar. 

The UB city Working Group with support from UNDP have developed a  sketch of what UB could look like in 2030.  The team reviewed the current policies and programs from an SDG perspective and prepared a roadmap for aligning with the SDGs/SDV to define policy targets for 2030.

We are here to initiate the implementation of this roadmap especially at the district levels.

I would like to congratulate UB City officials for this roadmap and now attempting for the first time to narrow it down to its district levels.  I’m very pleased to see that you are committed to implement these goals.     

UNDP is proud to be associated with this process.

Have a good workshop.

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