Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy: Byambatuya Dagva is an unsung hero because she demonstrates that women can be equally successful in STEM sector

Byambatuya has been working for 12 years in energy industry with a focus on renewable energy financing. A graduate from National University of Mongolia and Technological University of Tokyo, she has worked on various energy projects at main actors of the industry including the National Center for Renewable Energy, ENGIE—world’s leading energy company and ADB-funded project in partnership with Ulaanbaatar city. She believes in building climate-resilient communities and cities and a role model to many young women as she demonstrates that women can be successful leaders in STEM industry.

Goal 10: Reduced inequality

Byambadelger is an unsung hero because she has voluntarily worked as a sign language interpreter for 25 years.

As the Ministry of Health updates us daily through a live broadcasting on COVID-19, a sign language interpreter also appears alongside them simultaneously translating the updates to the people with hearing disabilities. She also is the very same sign language interpreter who interpreted famous singer Uka’s song last year which went viral in Mongolia’s internet sphere.

Watch the viral video here

Byambadelger has also worked as the sign language interpreter for the evening news of Mongolian National Broadcaster and voluntarily offers her service at any public events. Internet community already has noticed her dedication to her work and praises her passion of building an inclusive society. If it wasn’t for her, would the community be as much aware of the importance of inclusion? That’s highly doubted.

Goal 13: Climate action: Enkhzul Natsagdorj is an unsung hero because of her efforts in raising awareness on climate change among youth

Enkhzul is an environmental feminist making interview- podcast that discuss environment conflicts, justice and development challenges in Mongolia. Since 2015, her programme, The Sustianable Mongol podcast has been using communications for social change flagging controversial topics centered around political ecology. As a pioneer to promote and influence a zero waste lifestyle through a Mongolian zero waste community, Enkhzul and her team have nudged listeners ways to be consumer conscious towards the environment, disseminate clear and factual information on environment development challenges and political ecology, and finally creating solutions that will help the decision making process by using journalism to outreachto individual experts, field workers and organizations related to policy and environmental justice.

One fact is that, Enkhzul has developed recyclable business cards using 3R paper which have been mass supplied for big cooperates in Mongolia. Click here to see more.

Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

Battsetseg is an unsung hero because she is a social entrepreneur demanding fairness and justice

Battsetseg has started a social enterprise and social movement to address corruption in Mongolia by making and selling soap. The analogy of her soap product is to wash corruption away with her clients leading one step at a time. 

Last year she started an online campaign “One action against corruption”. Her campaign become a social movement and followed with 3 online broadcast series about corruption in Mongolia, defining corruption and way to mitigate corruption. Why focus on corruption?

As a young start-up owner, she came a long way and had to face bureaucracy and corruption at every step she took.

Gilgerem has reached 2.2 million people and 3.5 million impressions through her Facebook page.

Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the goals:  Sundermaa is an unsung hero because she is reminding us that we need to partner up to achieve the goals through her art

Sundermaa is a 9-year old painter who exhibits her paintings and art therapy to remedy world atrocities and conflict as an approach to peace building. Sundermaa is an unsung hero dedicated to painting and storytelling through her creative vision to change the conversation centered on children subverting age gap perceptions of artistic talent. In 2020 she published her own book called the Magic Rose, a story that entails about a daughter who must endure a journey through a forest to save her mother. Sundermaa still exhibits and is campaigning her first published book. Click here to see more.

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